Friday, October 1, 2010

New Feature: search tailoring!

Since its inception, Svidgen has provided bookmark-improved search results a Google Custom Search Engine (CSE). Well, we've finally enabled a Search Just These Sites feature. You can now slice and dice the public bookmarks on Svidgen in any way choose and search within just those sites.

I'm talking about some pretty vast flexibility here. You can search across some really particular slices of the web.  For instance:
And we're working on making this even more flexible and friendly. But, even in the its current state, you can tailor your searches to work against slices effectively enough to eliminate retail results for cool mist vaporizers when you really just need to know the health benefits of cool mist vaporizers. And you can easily get results solely from your list of scholarly sources when your professor says, Wikipedia is not a valid resource! And you can do great things we haven't even thought of! So, post your ideas!

There's just one problem: we're not really sure what to call this. Today we're thinking search tailoring best describes it. A few days ago we thought that search slicing or slice searching was best. What do you think?

What's the best way of saying, You can search the web how you want to now?

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