Saturday, May 21, 2011

small updates

We've made a few small changes in the past few days. Some of them are invisible to most users, backend changes. A few of them are stylistic changes that we feel are steps in the transition to a prettier bookmarking tool.

First, we cleaned up our bookmarks lists a little bit:

As you can see, we added some space between bookmarks, floated the info and edit/save links to the right, and replaced the single-color english links with colorful icon-based links.

  • Green links with pencil icons have already been saved by you: click the pencil to edit the link.
  • Click a heart to add the link. 
  • Click the pencil to add or view comments.
We also simplified our add bookmark dialogue (and fixed a unicode bug):

The top action bar, search bar, and lower action links have been removed. And a cancel link has been added. Much less cluttered than before.

We've got plenty of other updates in queue. But, we're certainly not opposed to taking a detour if you find any bugs or have any great suggestions. And if you like what we've done so far, we'd like to hear about it!


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