Thursday, July 2, 2009

Added Bookmarklets and the Webmaster's add2svidgen link

When I started Svidgen, I wanted to make sure to provide some greak bookmarklets--links that do magical things from your browser's bookmarks menu or links bar. I started with the most essential, the add2svidgen link. It pops open a little window, prefilled with the URL and Title for the page you wish to bookmark. Just add tags and a description (both optional) and click Save Bookmark. Of course, if you're not signed in you're prompted to do that first ...

Now, I've sort of jumped out of order on my pendind updates list and added two new links for your links bar. They're not really bookmarklets, but they're both very magical. And they make using Svidgen much more convenient (and useful).

The first, the mine@svidgen link, takes you to the signed-in user's bookmarks, sorted by recency. If you're not signed in, it takes you to either the bookmarks specified by default_to=username in the URL or the general directory. If you're signed in when you grab the link from the About page, your username gets embedded in the URL. So, even if you're not logged in, that link will still go to your public bookmarks.

The second one, recent@svidgen, takes you to the most recently linked URLs on Svidgen. The neat thing is that this link is so easily customizable! I've included a textbox next to the link that allows you to update the link with tags (with the help of JavaScript). You get the same autocomplete feature on this textbox as you do with any other tags box on the site. So, finding tags you want to link directly to is a snap. Just type your favorite tags in (like humor), hit the Update button, and drag your new humor@svidgen link to your links bar.

And lastly, I added some copy-paste code for webmasters. It's located on a special webmasters page, which I hope to add more gadgets to in the future. Currently, all I have there is the code for HTML+JavaScript version of the add2svidgen link. When the site increases in popularity, I'll see about getting Svidgen listed in the addthis directory--at which time my add2svidgen code will likely appear side-by-side with addthis code.

That's it for now. I'm still trying to finish up SvidgenF (my simpleton's framework) and get messaging and pages up and running on Svidgen. Hopefully my next post will come with a nice slew of fancy updates ...

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