Friday, September 25, 2009

Adding Messaging to Svidgen

Svidgen development has been delayed for awhile now. However, in the past few days I have gotten a good amount of work done on an upcoming messaging feature. A pretty standard feature on most social sites, it will allow users to send messages amongst themselves.

Svidgen's implementation of messaging will come in the form of conversations—at least initially. Conversation messages never get deleted or edited as long as the conversation itself exists. And, once involved in a conversation, a user can see all of the messages in that conversation. You don't reply to one specific user or reply to all, as you might for an email; you just add messages to the existing conversation (or start a whole new conversation).

Before the feature is released, a few more basic (sub)features are needed, such as the abilities to add users to an existing conversation, leave a conversation, and set up optional email notifications for new messages. Also missing is a user-lookup feature on the To field. But, these updates shouldn't take longer than a week or two (possibly less), barring any major and unexpected events in my life.

So, be on the lookout for the messaging feature to hit Svidgen soon!

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